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Our Services

We offer various forms of guidance to help you on your journey to inner self. 

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Specialized 1:1 Hypnosis

By booking this service, you will receive a one-on-one in person hypnosis session which typically lasts between 60-90 min. During our session, we will work on a specific intention you wish to work on to implement changes in your daily life. Hypnosis can help ease the symptoms of many problematics, such as anxiety, grief, sicknesses, physical pain, emotional pain, and aid in quitting smoking, weigh loss, ending bed wetting, reaching your goals, maintaining healthy relationships, implementing lifestyle changes, and many many more... the possibilities are limitless. 

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Tarot Card Reading

By booking this service, you will have access to a 45-60 min tarot card reading by me. You will be able to choose between different set of spreads depending on the question you're seeking guidance for. You can choose between a three card reading (past/present/future, mind/body/soul, problema/solution/outcome), a 5 card reading (overall direction of your life or dynamic of a relationship) or a 12 card reading for a quick overview of your upcoming 12 months. 

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Hypnotic deep guided meditation

In comparison to a hypnosis session, this service is more directive and less active. Instead of exchanging a conversation in trance, you can sit back, relax and listen to the sound of my voice guiding you. This service lasts between 60 to 90min and can be booked individually or for groups of 2 or more for an additional 25$ per person.

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New Moon and Full Moon Rituals

Each month, we witness a new moon and a full moon (some months have them twice). For each of these moon phases, you can set intentions and practice rituals to enhance certain manifestations. By booking this service, you will receive a 45-60min guided session on how to complete your own moon ritual and early-bird access to our moon ritual events.  


Birth Chart Reading

Before booking this service, you have to make sure you know your date, place and time of birth. Those 3 information are necessary in order to receive an accurate reading. This service includes a PDF document of your full birth chart reading and a 30-45 min zoom call for the explanation of the main characteristics of your birth chart.

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Goal Setting Mentorship

By booking this service, you will receive guidance on how to set goals and achieve them. This 90min workshop can be booked individually or for groups of 2 or more for an additional 20$ per person. 

How to book?

You can book directly through this website through the booking service. You can also book through our instagram page, by clicking on the link for calendly.

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