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My name is Stephanie. Some people also like to call me Steph. Feel free, creativity is always appreciated around here. 

Thanks for landing on my page and taking the time to get to know about me a little more...

I'm a soul, living a human experience, searching for ways to explore and live life as fully as possible. 

From a young age, I've been drawn to understanding the human mind and the way humans interact with one another.

At first, I wanted to be a dentist, because I believed that the only valid professions were 'doctor', 'pharmacist', 'dentist', 'engineer' or 'lawyer'.

When I was in 9th grade, after a psychologist held a workshop during an orientation class, I realized that the closest to thing to what seems to be my calling is psychology (little did I know that we aren't limited to a certain career path and that true life is full of endless possibilities).  

Nonetheless, I went to University and completed two bachelor degrees, one in psychology and another in sociology. Both have strongly contributed to my adventurous life journey thus far. They have come hand in hand in initiating, guiding and completing all of the projects I have undertaken and will continue to do so. 

Whatever it is that I do, I do so with lots of passion and lots of love. I believe the most important thing in life is the connection you make with others, and through this page, I hope we create one.

Welcome; I appreciate your presence and greet you with love and light. 

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